The Walking Dead 2010 S09E05 (What Comes After)


The Walking Dead 2010 S09E05 (What Comes After)

  • Title: – The Walking Dead 2010 S09E05 (What Comes After)
  • IMDB Rating: – 9.3/10
  • Creators: – Greg Nicotero
  • Stars Cast: – Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan
  • Genre: – Drama, Horror, sci-fi
  • Language: – English
  • Size: – 467.12 MB
  • Quality: – 720p

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The Walking Dead 2010 S09E05 (What Comes After) story shows tells the dreaming of Rick.he dreams as He’s back in his hospital room, telling himself to wake up.He hears someone tell him to wake up.Rick wakes up and the two walker herds are coming at him. He uses his belt to pull himself up off of the metal stake that is impaled on his side. He gets on the horse and rides away. The two herds follow him. Rick is fighting hard to stay awake.In his dream, Rick arrives in Atlanta. The herd is still following him. He goes into town and finds his old police car.Rick wakes up and a walker is in his face. He barely gets away and crawls through a boarded up door. The walkers surround the place, but Rick is able to get on the horse and ride away.So this was full of dreaming about Rick.Stream more free Drama category tv shows online here without paying any cost.

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